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MarkingMate is window-based laser marking software developed by Eastern Logic, which is easy and friendly
to use powerful tool. Support variety vector and bitmap graphic, and provide library and OCX component for
marking solution provider. Easily to mark on plane or non-plane surface, also support variety PCI or USB marking
controller, able to control almost all kinds of laser.

Basic Objects: line, circle, arc, curve, text, arc text,
baseline text, image, barcode and serial number.

The source of text is the auto-increasing serial number.
The text content comes from loading supported text file.
The source of text comes from the date of system.
1D Barcode: Code39, Code128, Code93, CodeBar, ITF, MSI Code,
US PostNet, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN8, EAN13, UCC 128, EAN 128 and FIM.
2D Barcode: DataMatrix.

Image menu offers the following functions: Posterize, Mosaic, Average, Median, Sharpen, Add Noise,
Emboss, Edge, Enhance, Oilify, Gradient, Laplacian, Sobel, Prewitt and Line Segment.
Provide several welding choices for users to apply: Or, And, Subtract and Main.
Support several kinds of image format such as DXF, PLT, BMP, TIF, CMP, CAL, CLP, CUR, EPS, EMF, FPX,

Users are allowed to edit the parameters of this object:Curve, Arc, Circle, Rectangle, 1D Barcode
and 2D Barcode.

Allow users to name, save, and load the marking parameters.

Users are allowed to edit the parameters of this object: Digital In, Digital Out, Do Pause, Delay
Time, Motion, Set Position, Loop, Ring and Homing.

When a layer object in the Object Browser has being selected, the Property Table will display the
layer-related property page for uses to edit.

Allow users to select which cell they want to edit.

Provide Grid Method and Scale Method for precise distortion compensation.
Formula method provides barrel, trapezoid and parallelogram 3 kinds of distortion correction.

User Level is divided into Operator, Programmer, and Administrator to separate user's authorities.

Allow users to examine the mark position is correct or not.

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Mark On Fly
Rotary Axis Positioning Marking
  • Don't need an extra motion card.
  • Different positioning division modes can be defined for different layers.
  • Support users to define the start angle for a layer.
  • All the objects in one layer can be divided automatically depending on the acceptable area users set.
  • Angle start and angle step of each character can be divided singly according to the setting of Literal String.
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